Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who am I?

One of my favorite movies is Spiderman not because it is a Comic hero based but also because of some beautiful dialogues in the movie like "With great power comes great responsibility" and the last line of the movie "This is my curse this is my gift,Who am I? I am Spiderman"

Well you must be wondering why am i talking about Spiderman after having a photo of "Ohm" above. A very important question above is Who am I?? This is one question which we need to ask ourselves a lot and if we find the answer then i am sure life will become easier!!

I was watching a Debate on Tv today about the Identity of a Moderate muslim and after the show finished my mom said something which everyone generally knows "All terrorists are muslims but all muslims are not terrorists". Something which i can never support. Well every Indian has a opinion and so do I!!
I try to learn from movies( Obviously good logical movies) and there was this movie named Krantiveer starring Nana Patekar. In the movie there is a wonderful scene where he mixes blood of both Hindu and muslim and asks a fundamentalist to differentiate between the bloods. Well what better way to bring home the point.

Now what do i feel regarding all this,I don't know who brought all this business of caste and caste division. But one thing is for sure that God does not differentiate. For him or her( I wonder if god has a gender!!) every soul on earth is the same. If you do good you are closer to him and if you do bad you tend to go far away from him. It is like a tuning of frequency with god,more good you do you have high chances to match to god's frequency!!

I don't understand why terrorists do so much voilence under the name of god!! I pity on their foolishness! Neither do i understand why Naxals on the name of benifit of people kill government workers. Who gave them the right to kill?? Even God forgives people who have committed sins then are these people bigger than gods?? Some people wonder if God exists then why isn't he punishing the culprits,well he does punish them but how he does it is oblivious to our knowledge.
But we can be god send angels by doing our part in spreading goodness in the world. As Gandhiji said "To see the change be the change".

God is both in form and formless and he is a super authority who resides in us. He does not understand religion nor does he knows such a thing even exists! I see god in me,people around me. So stop being a intellectual and debating on religion and enjoy life as it is the only thing worth! Try to observe more closer at the picture above and see there are symbols of other religions as well. It has crescent moon of Islam at the top and a cross of christianity in the middle. You might not see it but try to observe you will see it eventually!

Finally i would like to quote Abraham Lincoln " I do good i feel good,I do bad i feel thats my religion"

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  1. i agree with you completely.Take any religion's holy book and you will see that God has no dicrimination of people based on his color,sex,caste,religion,wealth,status. In his sight all are equal and all will be punished for their sins in due course of time.In The Bible it is said that when we ask for forgiveness for our sins we should forgive the sins of our enemies, cause if we cannot forgive the sins of others how can you expect God to forgive our sins.

    As you said, God does not exist in temples,mosques,churches etc.., nor does he not see what we do in our day to day life.God exists in each and everyone of us.He sees what we see, feels what we feel,hears what we hear,knows what what we are goin to do even before we ourselves know. a person cannot say that "i'll go and pick a fight or commit a sin and the go to a worship place and ask for forgiveness".

    One has to realise that no matter what we do in our life God always watches us...silently...patiently...makin a note of every action that we do.