Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Googol oops!!! Google"

I was wondering on what topic should i write my first post on, then as i always do was googling around the web then this idea struck me why not write about the greatest search engine known to mankind( No arguments here!!) "GOOGLE". If you have any doubt regarding any topic,u want to know something,you want information about your city the answer is google. I have used it vigorously all my life ( Which has not been long!!) and get contineously amazed by the wonderful features of google. Have just now downloaded the google desktop and its awesome,just consider this you can sign in to your mail from sidebar!!! isnt that amazing. The title which i have chosen for the post has a small story behind it, the founders of google Larry page and Sergey brin were renaming the company from its original name of Backrub and were thinkin to name it as googol ( Which is a number i.e 1 followed by hundred zeros) but mispelt it and the name google came. I wouldn say google has done all good by makin access to vast knowledge just a click away it has its problems too like mentioned in a dialogue from the critically acclaimed movie "A Wednesday" that you just type the word bomb in search and you get 301 articles on how to prepare one. It has various other problems too like young getting affected in adolescence.

Thus the importance lies in knowledge to diffrentiate crap and knowledge and act accordingly. If used properly it is a boon to the society where an individual can learn a lot. And for knowledge freaks google is like god ( if i am not wrong) . The real reason why google is such a huge successful company because they have followed one thing from its inception to this date the beautiful work ethics and thier ultimate goal which has always been to satisfy the end user.

"No wonder now google is a better known word than googol".