Monday, December 28, 2009

" I want to be a Idiot"

3 Idiots was something which i was waiting desparately for. I am a movie addict,but due to all these management entrance examinations i couldn't watch a movie in theater for 4 months!! Thats huge time considering the fact that i had watched more than 65 movies in the only multiplex we had in city( Gulbarga) in a span of four years of Engineering.

Well I am a big fan of Raj kumar hirani,he is such a good director. The other day i was reading his interview in a paper and got to know that some people compare him with the great Hrishikesh Mukherjee who by the way is the best director bollywood has ever seen.

I don't see anything wrong in calling Raju the contemprary "Hrishida" since both of them share the same spirit of story telling and such subtle comedy. Raju in addition comes up with a concept in every film which is so easily accepted by the people,such as Jaadu ki jhappi in munnabhai and Gandhigiri in Lage raho munnabhai and "ALL IS WELL" in this movie.

Coming to the Movie 3 idiots,I had booked the tickets for first day first shows which shows my desparate nature to watch the movie but due to this frequent bandhs in our Pearl city of hyderabad for a separate state the show was cancelled and i could not watch it First day first show...
Anyway like a wounded warrior i did not lose hope and fought with ferocious will and did watch it second day matinee show along with family.
After I watched the movie i was happy because all the expectations and hype was justified in every sense.

The movie itself is so easily identifiable with our own characters and life experiences i am sure evey engineer will see himself in one of the three idiots. I saw my shades in Madhavan character who does not seem to be interested in engineering and has passion in a different field,the only difference i would say is atleast he knew in what field he wanted his future to be but I have no idea still. Just flowing with the tide always. Every time i see the tagline of DOCOMO it makes me think of my future," DO THE NEW" . Its amazing how taglines have such meaning.

The story is amazing, its a satire on our Education system which only encourages rote learning.
The wonderful aspect is that the story does not become preachy but is a very fun filled one with a serious message which i hope will be accepted.
It is based upon " Five point someone",I mean only the theme is the same but the entire story is original in its own way.
Well every time after i watch a movie i think of the best scenes of the movie but in this movie it was like all the scenes were great and it was hard to make a difference.
It had a great mix of emotion,comedy,melodrama..everything a entertainer should have.
The movie is a sure shot hit and is going to be on the same lines of munnabhai if not more in terms of success.

Aamir khan has portrayed the character brilliantly and has surprisingly looked very young in the movie..He is surely a perfectionist.
Madhavan is a superb actor but bollywood has not used his supreme talent.
Sharmaan joshi's talent has rightly been utilised in the movie,he has such gift of timing which is essential for comedy..In one scene he calls aamir kake thus taking us back to RDB in which their chemistry was very good.

I dont rate movies on a scale since i dont know many technical facts of the field but if such scale existed then surely 3 idots will be on peak.
I don't have to be a idiot,I am a idiot already!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

" A diary entry"

I was low on confidence today and was feeling miserable!! Dint know what to do.. was surfing around net,the usual pagalguy stuff!! Then got hold of my diary. I have this habit of writing in a personal diary and my mom has this bad habit of reading it when i am not around!! Anyway i love reading the diary entries of past where in i have written so badly,believe me compared to my writing style( If i may say so) now, what i use to write in past was complete crap!! While turning around pages i found a page which i must have written in a philosophical mood. Its about relations!!
Seems to be mediocre writing but hey the feel of it was so good that when i read it today it made me smile and change my somber mood.. so i thought why not post it on my blog( as if anyone is going to read!!) so here it goes...

27 feb 2009

Relations are so beautiful in life aren't they??

Life starts with a beautiful relationship of mother who brings you to this enormous world, father who has great plans for your future and tries to sketch your path to "success". Grandparents have a wonderful glow on their face when they see us,and even they pour in with advices!!

Then come friends who play pivotal role in shaping the personality you become,the way you think about everything. They mould your personalty. Friends can either give you shoulder's to cry upon or make it sure that you never cry!!

Most of them say being too much emotional or getting entangled in relationships can stop the growth of the individual, but what i feel is relationships can only strengthen you if you allow them too!!
At the end of the day it is all about being happy and content with what you have rather than than crave for what you don't have!!

As guruji says it is all about sharing joy and love with everyone,see how it literally works in creating magic in your life. Jai guru dev!!

Aah!! Kind of good what i have written considering i am not a veteran in philosophy nor in writing. The entire entry is the same but i have made some corrections,grammaticall!!

What i'am trying to portray is Diary writing is the wonderful hobby which can help you come out of torrid,miserable times when you are feeling low on confidence!! Like it did today for me!
Diary is more of a introspective way of looking at life. It does not mean that you write "I did this today", ate that!! Not all that crap,you should write what you have learnt about life today.
Each and every day is a learning process, it is said that when a person says that he has learnt everything in life then that very day he is dead!! It is all about looking life differently!!
Give it a try,i am sure you will enjoy...

Jai guru deva!!