Wednesday, September 30, 2009

" Gentelmen's game"

Cricket has always been referred to as gentelmen's game, though very few instances prove it!!
Yesterday it was all important match of pakistan vs australia, important because india was involved in it!! Believe it or not indians were cheering for their arch rivals and captain Dhoni had asked all indian's to follow the suit.
Leading to this unusual scenario, Younus khan the captain of pakistan team gave a statement which highlights why the game is called gentelmen's game. He had said that they would want to play india in final. ( No no it does not prove that its a gentelmen game!!) ,what he said afterwards was critical.

" Even if we lose dont be upset and ponder over questions that did we do it intentionally and even if we win do not make it a huge fuss, do not involve anything else let sports be sports"

Sorry that i am unable to exactly quote him but this is what he meant, isn't that truly a statement signifying the character of him, such a gentelman!!

Though the match was lost by pakistan but what was unusual and welcoming that most of the indians were cheering for the team, right in the middle of australian run chase when pakistan started getting wickets i am sure TRP ratings might have sky rocketed, i might not have the proof but i can surely bet on it.
Two countries who have always fought wars and still a dialogue seems to be a victory of sorts this was a very good thing to have happened, but many were supporting them only because india was involved but if we take out india out of the context would anyone have supported??

For that one hour i am sure many people forgot that this was the country who had killed many indian jawans and is so voilent regarding kashmir, just imagine if we would not have any problems with them wouldn't it have been even more wonderful.

Moments like yesterday would become common and if our country lost in an tournament we would next support pakistan.
Peace brings along happiness and along with it prosperity.

A friend of mine had asked me once why do we waste time watching cricket?? its simply burning electricity, and hopelessly i had agreed but if cricket can be instrumental in getting two countries together then my argument will need no confirmations, will it??


"A short story"

soul of a pen- short story.

Prasad is a 12 year old boy who loves playing football and dedicates lot of time in school towards the game as he is the games captain. Prasad’s father works as a sales manager in pharmacy company and mother works as an architect in a leading company in the industry.

It was sep11 2001 7:46 pm ( IST) a short time before world witnessed something very unusual for the first time. Mom shouted from kitchen, Prasad stop playing your stupid game in backyard and go to your room and study!!!

Prasad disappointedly kicks the ball into the garage and goes to his room through the kitchen were he gives mom a squint.

Without any interest he picks out his social text and pretends to read and a few minutes, later the cracking sound of the door of his room makes him look behind his study table, surprised to see dad he yells out. Aah!!! its you pop’s i thought it was mom and hence was pretending to read the most boring text ever.

You naughty boy why do you pretend to read, cant you read with interest it will after all help you in exams.

Dad!! its school selection for football team next week and i need to practice but mom is dead against it.

Your mom does not know anything about sports does she?? I did hear the yelling of mom that’s why came to tell you to go and practice i will convince mom, after all that is what i am doing since i have married to her!!!

Dad you are great, your the best dad possible, thanks dad. While running out of the room, the loving father rolls his hand over his son’s head with warmth of affection. This was the last time father and son had talked with each other.

I don’t understand why do you allow him to play when he has to read for the fast approaching exams, Relax honey he will do that too but sports is also important . Its selection of football team next week in school so he is rightful in practicing for that. You are spoiling your son!!!

This was the last time prasad’s parents had talked with each other!!!


Prasad now stop that nonsense game and come for dinner and while coming call your dad too, he seems to be taking a nap he is not responding.

Okay mom i will do that.

Dad its time for dinner lets go, Dad!!!

Prasad enters his dad’s room only to see him lying asleep on his writing table with a pen in his hand, oh dad common mom is shouting in kitchen, if we don’t go in 2 minutes she will be angry on us.

Prasad goes near the chair where his dad has slept and gives him a jerk and to his surprise he falls down on the floor , he yells at the top of his voice DAD!! He pushes him to the side but still no response and not knowing what to do he shouts at top of his voice and calls mom.

Mom!! Mom!! Come fast dad is not waking up...

By the time she comes and checks the heartbeat of her husband its too late and she breaks down and falls on the floor unconscious.

Prasad doesn know what to do?? He rushes outside his home and goes to his neighbour’s house MR khanna.

11:04 pm

When hurriedly Prasad rings doorbell, MR khanna busy watching television news of some footage of planes crashing into two large buildings, disgusted with the doorbell he goes to the door half hearted and when he opens the door

Prasds says “ mom, dad both unconscious” help uncle!!!

Mr khanna rushes to his home and sees both husband and wife lying on the floor he checks the nerves of prasad’s mom and sighs a relief that she is only unconscious but when he checks out his neighbour’s nerve the most unexpected thing happens like the planes crashed into WTC, Khanna is shocked!!

When Prasad understands the reaction of uncle he does not know how to react his dad who had just a few hours back talked with him was no more.

Prasad suddenly falls onto the bed behind him.

11:47 pm

Prasad’s mom is contineuously weeping and Prasad is still not able to come with the terms with what has happened.

Most of the neighbours remain indoor except a few, witnessing an international tragedy but not bothered to even check out the personal tragedy of a nearby family!!

The doctor says the cause of the death is heart attack.

Paramedics while lifting the body to ambulance had to move around prasad’s mom who was not allowing them to take her husband with them.

Everyone around who had gathered were whispering about the “ world trade center crash” but Prasad couldn’t understand anything because a bigger tragedy had happened to him!!!

One week later

The entire family and relatives had thronged to the house and surprisingly to Prasad not many seemed to share the somber mood which he was in.

Prasad had not gone to school since a week and was sitting in a corner in the living room, then his mom came to him and told him “ Prasad you are going to school tomorrow and getting selected in that football team” your dad wanted that to happen it was his last wish.

Bewildered Prasad stares at his mom and sees a tear in her eye ready to explode.

All this while Prasad had a pen in his hands which he had taken from the body of his father while the medical staff where taking away the corpse.

Somehow he dint get a feeling to keep the pen aside and since 10 days he had it with him.

September 19

All classmates of Prasad had known what had happened and were surprised to see Prasad come to school that too on a day when football selection was scheduled, generally a good chance to bunk the school for those who are not interested.

The class teacher also baffled to see Prasad and asks him, is everything all right son, it is ok even if you don’t come to school for a few more days.

Prasad says, sir i have come to participate in selection for football team. The entire class and sir himself get surprised.

He then clarifies that his dad had wanted it to happen so i want to fulfil his last wish.

Its time for selection and Prasad still unknowingly has the pen in his hands, and when his name is read out he goes to the ground where his games teacher asks him what are you in a football game??

Attacker, defender or a goal keeper.

Prasad says attacker.

Not surprised the teacher asks him to get ready to kick the ball.

The major chunk of kids had opted for being attackers and almost all of them where not as good as they thought they were.

But Prasad was different, here was a boy who had seen his father die last week and was adamant in getting selected in the team.

The coach asks him why are you holding a pen in your hand, keep it aside.

Prasad says Sir please allow me to play along with the pen in my hand, Not knowing what to do coach allows him to do so.

In the 5 minutes of his stint he scores two goals swaying around 4 defenders, the coach impressed selects him in the team.

Prasad is elated but still somehow a big smile doesn’t seem to appear on his face.

In the evening he informs his mom that he has got selected, she says your dad would have been proud of you. ( would have is not something he wanted he wished if his father had seen him get selected)

Ten days since Prasad’s father died he still has this pen along with him in his left hand, his mom asks him why do you have that pen always along with you? He answers and mom cries.

One week later it is time for first match in a intra school competition and Prasad is in playing team. He enters the field with a pen in his left hand, the umpire baffled asks him to keep it aside and play, he makes the same request as he had done to the coach. Umpire undecided thinks for a while and tells him ok.

Prasad turns out to be a star, he scores more than 2 goals in every match and is instrumental in taking his team to finals single handedly.

Rumours were being circulated in the school about the strange way Prasad plays football with a pen in his hand.

A boy says the pen must have some power, someone else replies ya ya that is the reason he is playing so well, he is a cheat.

Rumours reach the coach as well and he dismisses them saying it is ridiculous and says Prasad can play without the pen in his hand!!

When coach insists to Prasad to play without the pen , Prasad is left with no option but to do that.

Half heartedly he enters the field for final match and surprisingly for the coach he does not score in the first half, something which never happened in the tournament.

In the break coach takes Prasad aside and asks him what happened??

Prasad replies he cannot play without the pen!!

Coach now angry asks him what the hell is there in the pen that you are so adamant in having it with you.

Prasad gives the same reply that he gave to mom when she had asked and coach agrees and tells him take the pen along with you in second half.

When second half starts all his classmates get surprised to see Prasad again along with a pen, something which they dint expect after the coach reaction.

Prasad scores three goals in a span of 4 minutes and his school wins and his declared as man of the match and tournament.

At the presentation the host asks him the question which was looming in everyone’s mind.

Why do have a pen in your hand when you play?

Prasad replies as he said to mom, coach and now to everyone.

“ If i have the pen in my hands i feel my dad is along with me.”

( The moral i woud say is, faith is very powerful if you have faith in god, i mean immense faith then you don’t need to worry, because you will know that he will take care of everything)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Are you (emotion-practic) al!!!

The debate between being emotional or practical has always made me think!!! Now that must be something to do,since it is not easy to make people without minds to think !!!!! let me make one fact clear, i am an damn emotional fellow so no prizes for guessing which side of debate i will take.
Most of the people say,i mean learned fellows that being emotional does not help in making a good career or a business or for that matter an enterprise, but i am sure all of them who have said this are out and out practical by nature!!
I must agree that being emotional has its own flaws too, I know some of it. But it all depends on how you handle a situation and how well can you control your mind. There are many instances in life when one has to deal with emotional tragedies and being emotional and breaking down might not help and some incidents were seeing emotional side of a coin will also help.
Just for the sake of an example consider the movie kismat konnection ( yup connection with a 'k' now thats not being practical isn't it). In the movie there is a wonderful concept which is presented in front of an business fraternity about having an old age home and a mall,both in same building. Surely the presenter was more emotional than practical, but the business leaders as they generally are ( not all) highly practical and profit-maniac people dint like to even give a ear to the idea, leave alone considering it. But as always in bollywood happy ending had to happen and the Co-owner decides to step in and gives a green signal to the idea. Now thats an emotional and practical views put together.

That was in movies i dont see that happening in reality but if it has happened somwhere and i dont know about it,then i will be happy to get to know.

Now coming to the contradiction that emotional people are fools, i most certainly disagree with that, the only difference is that emotional fellows think with their heart rather than mind always.
Considering the dubious intentions of mind and how difficult it is to control it and how easily it gets distracted, thinking with heart is not such a bad idea is it??

Emotion has to be taken in the right spirit and if done so it can be used as an inspiration to achieve goals.
Being too emotional is not helpful since there is more to life than crying over some sorrows,and instead of forgetting the dreadful past people forget that they are losing their present too!!!

I suggest you should be a mixture of both emotional as well as practical,now it depends upon you whether you give higher priority to being emotional or being practical,i give it to emotional thats why the "title" has emotional prior to practical!!!!

After all world needs more people with good hearts than great minds!!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Namaste India"

Have you ever wondered what you would say about your country,if you had to introduce your motherland to a foriegner?? This question got into my mind after an incident few days back. On a train journey to bellary i found that there were some foriegners who were travelling along to vasco-da-gama (goa) . There were around 3 guys who were sitting next to our slots of seats in the boogie. There was some guy who was trying to tell about india to these people, this guy was shouting on top of his voice so i overheard their conversation( wrong thing to do!!).The guy who was talking was really good in making people listen because i never heard others speak during his intro. While i was listening to him i got a bit perplexed whether this guy was praising india or demounting it. I eventually thought it was the latter which he was doing, he was very adamant in saying that he was a brahmin and about the caste system which is prevalent in our country. One point to which i completely agree is, he was speaking about the freedom a man posesses in our country he can practically follow any religion of his choice no one is stopping him from doing that. The "brahmin" even gave a ex. of a person who wants to be half muslim and half hindu. can do that without being questioned. Now this is something which i really doubt no one will question you??? i am sure in our hypocritical country atleast one religious organisation will observe bandhs if not many!!

The "Guide" kept on giving different examples to these foriegners who by the way our guests to our nation. On one point which i completely disagree to this guide is showing our country in poor light, he said them that they can overstay here and return back to their countries by just giving a lame excuse as they were suffering from
"swine flu". Yes i agree they might get away with that but as an responsible citizen we shouldn't give such idiotic suggestions.

After a while the conversation stopped and everyone slept and one of those foriegner came near my berth and slept, i was eager to talk to him but i dint. Then i just got a feeling that i should say that foriegner "Welcome to our country and hope you enjoy your stay". This was the line i had literally by-hearted and wanted to say to him as i felt it would just be nice to welcome our guests to our motherland.( not a bad thing to do acc. to me).
Our destination had arrived and to my luck that middleeast fellow( they were from iran) was awake and i could have just said it but i dint!! While getting down too i had an opputunity since he was at the door but again i dint. The reason why i dint say, "I dont know" but i surely was upset that i dint say that one line. wouldn't that have been wonderful if i had said that one line.
I just could not say to our guest "NAMASTE".