Wednesday, September 30, 2009

" Gentelmen's game"

Cricket has always been referred to as gentelmen's game, though very few instances prove it!!
Yesterday it was all important match of pakistan vs australia, important because india was involved in it!! Believe it or not indians were cheering for their arch rivals and captain Dhoni had asked all indian's to follow the suit.
Leading to this unusual scenario, Younus khan the captain of pakistan team gave a statement which highlights why the game is called gentelmen's game. He had said that they would want to play india in final. ( No no it does not prove that its a gentelmen game!!) ,what he said afterwards was critical.

" Even if we lose dont be upset and ponder over questions that did we do it intentionally and even if we win do not make it a huge fuss, do not involve anything else let sports be sports"

Sorry that i am unable to exactly quote him but this is what he meant, isn't that truly a statement signifying the character of him, such a gentelman!!

Though the match was lost by pakistan but what was unusual and welcoming that most of the indians were cheering for the team, right in the middle of australian run chase when pakistan started getting wickets i am sure TRP ratings might have sky rocketed, i might not have the proof but i can surely bet on it.
Two countries who have always fought wars and still a dialogue seems to be a victory of sorts this was a very good thing to have happened, but many were supporting them only because india was involved but if we take out india out of the context would anyone have supported??

For that one hour i am sure many people forgot that this was the country who had killed many indian jawans and is so voilent regarding kashmir, just imagine if we would not have any problems with them wouldn't it have been even more wonderful.

Moments like yesterday would become common and if our country lost in an tournament we would next support pakistan.
Peace brings along happiness and along with it prosperity.

A friend of mine had asked me once why do we waste time watching cricket?? its simply burning electricity, and hopelessly i had agreed but if cricket can be instrumental in getting two countries together then my argument will need no confirmations, will it??


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