Friday, October 2, 2009

If i had been a dog it would have been easier to bell the "CAT"

2 months and 3 days to go for the D-day i.e the toughest entrance examination in India if not in asia!! "CAT". I had enrolled into "TIME" institute on july 19th and started attending classes from 21st july and by far the progress has been good but lot is there to improve especially the amount of hours i put on desk!!

In our intro class ( Intro to cat ), sir had told, Percentile would be directly proportional to the amount of hours put on the desk. Now considering that it is not a good scenario for me who cannnot put in long hours of study!! But if i have to get a decent percentile i might have to change a few perceptions i hold about myself.
The coaching institute which i had selected is the best, the quality of the teaching is by far been excellent and some teachers have even inspired me!!!
There are 3 main sections in which we need to be expert namely
1] Verbal
2] Logical and data interpretation( Generally both mixed, it is here where you wish you had better brains)
3] "Quantitative"

Verbal is something which interests me since i am an avid reader this has given me the chance to try to become a voracious reader which is something i always wanted to be!! This is one section which can help me out on final day.

Data interpretation involves graphs, tables and percentages. It can be done but loads of practice is required!!
Logical reasoning is sometimes fun but most of the times it cracks my head and i wish i could have more hair to pull of my head!!!

Now coming to the ultimate villian "quant", Frankly speaking i have made it a villian since i have not practiced a lot of it and am not thorough with the concepts something which is a shame to say only 2 months prior to examination!! But still it is giving me goosebumps and dreadful mock examinations.

Speaking of mock examinations, I have been writing Aimcats but with little success. The first aimcat i wrote, guessed all the answers since not even one class had finished!!
The second aimcat was pretty good scored 81.2 percentile something which i never expected so obviously i was over the moon and was thinking on the lines of scoring in higher 90's in cat but it dint take me long to come back to reality actually it took only 4 days for the result of next aimcat to come and it was a nightmare 43!! Half of previous!! My god!! Since then i have concluded not to take seriously the scores of aimcats but if its a good score i can consider it!!!

Jokes apart the miserable aimcats are clearly failures but stepping stones for success, something which i need to realise and implement. Later scores have been hovering around mid 60's and sometime above 70 but practically of no use!!!

I need to work like a donkey a " smart" one too bell the cat or if i continue to be as lethargic i am then i can forget of an MBA something which i cannot afford to!!!

So 2 months!! Its now or never!!!
Wrote this blog to inspire myself something which i am in need of!!!

Jai guru deva

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