Friday, September 18, 2009

Are you (emotion-practic) al!!!

The debate between being emotional or practical has always made me think!!! Now that must be something to do,since it is not easy to make people without minds to think !!!!! let me make one fact clear, i am an damn emotional fellow so no prizes for guessing which side of debate i will take.
Most of the people say,i mean learned fellows that being emotional does not help in making a good career or a business or for that matter an enterprise, but i am sure all of them who have said this are out and out practical by nature!!
I must agree that being emotional has its own flaws too, I know some of it. But it all depends on how you handle a situation and how well can you control your mind. There are many instances in life when one has to deal with emotional tragedies and being emotional and breaking down might not help and some incidents were seeing emotional side of a coin will also help.
Just for the sake of an example consider the movie kismat konnection ( yup connection with a 'k' now thats not being practical isn't it). In the movie there is a wonderful concept which is presented in front of an business fraternity about having an old age home and a mall,both in same building. Surely the presenter was more emotional than practical, but the business leaders as they generally are ( not all) highly practical and profit-maniac people dint like to even give a ear to the idea, leave alone considering it. But as always in bollywood happy ending had to happen and the Co-owner decides to step in and gives a green signal to the idea. Now thats an emotional and practical views put together.

That was in movies i dont see that happening in reality but if it has happened somwhere and i dont know about it,then i will be happy to get to know.

Now coming to the contradiction that emotional people are fools, i most certainly disagree with that, the only difference is that emotional fellows think with their heart rather than mind always.
Considering the dubious intentions of mind and how difficult it is to control it and how easily it gets distracted, thinking with heart is not such a bad idea is it??

Emotion has to be taken in the right spirit and if done so it can be used as an inspiration to achieve goals.
Being too emotional is not helpful since there is more to life than crying over some sorrows,and instead of forgetting the dreadful past people forget that they are losing their present too!!!

I suggest you should be a mixture of both emotional as well as practical,now it depends upon you whether you give higher priority to being emotional or being practical,i give it to emotional thats why the "title" has emotional prior to practical!!!!

After all world needs more people with good hearts than great minds!!!


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