Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Review:Mr woodcock

What's the advantage of having lot's of free time?
You can watch movies like the one above on TV and also to add insult to injury you can review it on your blog!! Hail Laziness and insanity!!

While i was going through all the useless Television channels i came across HBO( Home Box office) and then checked out some movie was about to start. Using the technology advancement my Set top box provides( Tata sky:Jingalala!!) I read the gist of the movie, something like a Intro to your Project report or seminar report but the difference here is it is more interesting and original!( Consider the plagiarism involved in our creativity of coming up with new projects!)

The gist interested me and i utilised my precious time in watching the movie for 2 hrs! Was the movie worth watching? If you consider tha amount of money i earn on hourly basis( Nil!) it was more than worth! Story is about a Bestselling author John Farley who hates his school Gym teacher who is about to marry his mom! The book which he has written "Letting go of past" has changed many lifes,but incidently the author doesn't follow what he preaches. Sounds familiar right?? As we all do! We are perfect advisors but are we good Listeners to our own ideas??

John comes back to his hometown for receiving the prestigious Korn kobee award and in the process gets to know about the affair of his mom's and his monster teacher Mr.woodcock.
Not able to accept the fact he is traumatised and is hell bent on breaking the relationship.
Some real hillarious moments follow. The one with his friend Nedderman, then at the Treadmill and finally the award ceremony and the fair.

Our Hero realises that you do not just let go the past but you embrace it!!
Good lesson to be understood! If your time is as precious as mine then i advise you to watch it but if it isn't then you can afford to miss this one.

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