Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mind crap!!

For a few days now, I have been thinking how do you Evaluate Success or for that matter Failure?
Are these just a few words to which we have given too much importance or are they really significant in our Life?
For a Start let me try to write down a few interpretations of success according to various people.

Is Success earning Six figure salary and having a Mercedes Benz??
Is success gaining admission into IIM's,XLRI and more elite Institutions??
Is success having a Status in Society??
Is success Owning a billion dollar company??
Is success being able to marry your Loved one going against your family conditions??
Is Success having a NGO and helping needful people?
Is Success leaving a High paying job and doing what you like to do??
Is success being the best in whatever you do??
Is failure not being able to do any of the above??

I don't know,I am confused. It is like a situation where in I have to differentiate between Mazaa and Slice!! Thats Hieghts of confusion!!
I also ask this question to myself,Are these just labels which world has created and we being fools just follow them.
We always follow someone's Life path but never try to sketch our own!!
I don't understand anything, I guess i use lot of heart in interpreting everything rather than using the Brain.
To be frank I just don't know what Success or failure is. I feel we should do what really interests us and if in the process you make some money then great. At the end of the day even if you have Millions still you will feel hungry and eat the same thing.( There are so many food types but the main purpose is to quench your hunger isnt it??)

I guess after reading this post you would say I am inspired from 3 idiots and have written all this crap!! Well you could say that but then these questions have always been in my mind.
At the end, Moral of the Post:- Have your own definations of success and failure or do not believe in these terms but never follow the someone else defination's.


  1. hey buddy..Let me introduce myself.I'm a looser, screwed up CAT this time and about to join job in TechM. My dear boss, I think we can't do all of the things u listed in the success-questionnaire. Trying to the position "Where we want to be?" is a success for him/her-self.Don forget the world around you in the process of reaching.b'coz it's d real education.

    It's my view dosth.

  2. @ Gowtham

    Firstly thanks for considering the Post to be worthy enough to be commented! You are not a Loser,No exam can make you a Loser.
    I never said that we can do all the above,I was just writing different perceptions of success.
    What you say about "Where we want to be" is true.I adhere to that Principle. Forgetting the world?? No way i can do that..Can I?? Congrats for getting into TechM and all the best..

  3. Happiness is the most important thing.. When ever you are happy and contended with what has hapnd, thats happiness. Success does not only mean winning nor does failure mean sorrow. Consider that a failure is the first milestone in your journey of happiness, you are successful right there.This is what i feel.