Monday, March 15, 2010


The feeling which you get after watching a Inspirational movie is wonderful. I feel like i can do anything which i dream of,though the feeling doesn't last long! There have been some movies in both Bollywood and hollywood that have inspired me a lot. A few examples would be
RDB,Swades,Front of the class,Pursuit of happyness. Today after watching "Leader" a Tollywood flick i can add that movie to the above list mentioned.

Directed by Shekhar Kamulla,Leader is a story of a "Idealistic" guy who is Chief minister's son and after untimely death of the his father(CM) has to become the CM since it was his father's last wish. The story revolves around how he gets into the politics with a Single point agenda to eradicate Corruption. Politics as we know it is,has been shown very well in the movie.
After getting a pulse of Politics and realising what he has to do,he sets out to become a leader who really wants the state to prosper.

All the actors have performed exceedingly well,and the main USP of the movie is a great Script.
Shekar kamulla's movies are very different from the normal movies,he gives it a very good feel which usually lacks in most of the movies especially the baseless telugu movies.There are some points in the movie which i loved a lot. Leader is shown smoking in most part of the first half. What i could interpret is the director wanted to show that he is a common youngster who has become a leader or just because it was looking cool on the screen.But knowing the attention to detail shekhar gives, i feel there is a valid reason for it.

Very good dialogues,story and performances make leader a must watch. At the end hero's mother which is played by Suhasini( Amazing actress) says "I din't want you to become a politician,i wanted you to become a Leader".
I have always believed that movies should make us learn and this is one movie which surely does.

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