Friday, May 28, 2010

"Random thoughts"

The time i spend in thinking useless topics, if used properly could have actually got me a job!
I was thinking on so many topics that i could not write this post on one single subject hence now have to make it a melody of thoughts!

"first random thought"

Today Naxalites(Moaoists) again targeted civilians by blasting the railway track near kharagpur which resulted in derailing of train and killing 65 "INNOCENT" people who i am sure had no connection with ignoring the ''Genuine'' demands of naxalites. On the other side of the planet in Africa,Indian cricket team lost its first match against Zimbawe.( I am not a news reader!)

Now what does the Powerful Media of our country show in prime time news?? Its a very important question they ask " Should BCCI have rested 10 indian players for the tournament" Some of them go to the extent in asking whether Suresh raina is misfit for Captaincy?
As the media always says that they show what the people want to see! I am sure people are more interested in knowing what happened in Zimbawe to our second string side rather than knowing who was responsible for the killing of only 65 civilians. I use 'only' because life of a individual does not hold any value nowadays. If it had then Government of india would have taken a stern action against the Maoists. Only few channels were flashing the helpline numbers which are of extreme importance in the time of crisis.
I am not a idealist who wants a overnight change in media but at least they should understand their responsibility and take a step in having some ethics.

Next random thought

After watching a thought provoking serial in Television( I know its surprising) I had to think about our education system which has been the focus for past few months,thanks to the HRD minister Kapil sibal's "Landmark" Policy decisions. The serial was highlighting the age old fight between English and Hindi. I do not want to write about the debate,but whats interesting to note is, Our education system does teach both languages in weird kind of hierarchies like Ist,2nd,3rd language but do we really learn the language??
As everyone knows Languages in schools are the least important subjects since we need to score more in subjects like Science,Mathematics. But still we need to learn them since they give is all important "marks". I had the opportunity in studying a CBSE school which was decent and had some good quality teachers, most of the children do not get a chance like this. For now lets leave alone the matter of Poor children like our government usually does.

Now i read Hindi as my second language and as any other common child i by hearted my poems since i had to recite them in front of the whole class because i had to earn 5 marks! Did i understand the poem? Who cares? I couldn't understand the great poem "Madushalla" by Hari vansh rai bachan at the age of 21 and you expect me to understand them at the age of 15, that too on my own! That's too much isn't it?

So after learning Hindi for so many years all i can do is talk in Hindi which is far far from the pure language. Now what about English? The pheonix laguage! In order to know about the rise of english read "Imagining india" by Nandan Nilekani. Coming to the point, After reading my post so far you might have find out numerous grammatical mistakes which clearly suggest that i don't even know English properly! Bottom line is we are not perfect in either languages so why should i care what's my national language??

"Third random thought"

The place where the train accident took place today was near Kharagpur in Bengal. I travelled on that route just 3 days before, so i thank god for not killing me and mourn 2 minutes for 65 souls and then continue to use Facebook,watch TV. What should i do?? Din't i elect the Government to do the worrying? what more can i do? Join IAS and change country? Well there are many people doing that, all i can do is blog! Isn't it?

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