Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I am not sure whether review of this movie deserves the amount of online space it is going to eat up! After Sajid khan's "Hey baby" which was quite entertaining, lot was expected from Housefull but like many dud films which bollywood makes every year even this is going to bite the dust.
Though it is estimated that it has grossed 10crores in the first day itself but i wouldn't be surprised if its business goes down drastically in following weeks.

Like many comedy films of recent past even this movie does not have a story as such,but uses situations and confusion to make us laugh. Hence you can easily compare it with a movie like No entry. Akshay Kumar( Read pannauti!) is the lead who has no luck in his life and marries a rich girl only to get divorced later. Then he falls in love with Deepika who shares the same feeling,everyone is happy but Arjun rampal(Deepika's brother) a Police officer is hell bent on checking the genuinness of Akshay. Then story unfolds with lots of confusion where some scenes which make you laugh and others which are the same old "Dostana" type jokes.

Sajid khan couldn't think of a suitable ending hence came up with a stupid climax which brings home the point that "your money has been wasted". Akshay kumar has eased through the role with no difficulties,Riteish is good and about Arjun Rampal less said the better.Actresses have done what they are expected too! I wonder if anyone expects them to act nowadays!! Music of the movie is average with a few good numbers and a Emotional atyachar type song which is repeated throughout the movie.

Speaking of Arjun Rampal his controversial National award comes to mind which he won for "Rock on". His performance was good in the movie,he deserves accolades for that but National award?? Thats too much! Isn't it??

Before the Housefull movie started there was a interesting note by sajid khan which indicated names of Manmohan desai and Prakash mehra who are the great directors of bollywood. The note said that they taught that cinema is all about entertainment. True cannot agree more but Housefull does not entertain me. I wonder who the target audience is?

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