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I have watched this movie 3 times on Star movies. First time in 2005 during my mid term examinations of 12th! I had a Mathematics exam next day but i was more interested in the movie rather than practicing integration problems, because of which my mother was furious. I don't get bored of watching it again and again,Just now watched it again and felt i should write a review.

First thing which you will notice in the movie is the wonderful assemble of cast. Casting director has done a excellent job.Bruce willis is wonderful in his usual macho-hero role,Ben affleck in a romantic role,Billy bob thornton as head of NASA and steve buscemi as comic relief. Rest of the cast has done a equally good job.

Plot: An asteroid named dottie the size of texas is going to crush earth in 18 days and after consulting with world's top space agencies NASA decides that the asteroid has to be Nuked. But the problem is that the bomb must be put 800 feet deep into the asteroid so that it completely blows out and misses earth. For this NASA finds Harry(Bruce willis) and his team which is the best in oil drilling.The movie follows how Harry and his boys team up with NASA and finish the job.
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The movie is good on emotional quotient but when it comes to scientific facts it is dissapointing.
NASA could identify 168 impossible things shown in the movie! But if you can forgive those mistakes and watch it( As you do in the case of Bollywood movies!) then it is a good watch.
Some comedy scenes are really good and Steve buscemi has done a remarkable job.
The dialouges are amazing and one which is worth mentioning is at the end part of the movie, the Russian astronout says
"American components,Russion components all made in Taiwan"

Harry(Bruce willis) Sacrifices his life when he has to volunteer to stay back on the asteroid to detonate the bomb. The movie could have been lot better than what it turned out to be.
Even the critiques din't give a favorable response and the movie was nominated for Raspberry(Awards for worst movies) awards in various categories,eventually winning in one. On the other side the movie also received some nominations in oscars but the categories were technical.

If you are a person who tries finding logic in the movie then you should stay away from it but if you are a Pure Hindi movie fan then i am sure you will love the movie. I am surprised that no one tried to remake the movie in Hindi.Its not possible to do it, Bollywood still has a long way to go to be able to make science fiction.

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