Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Feminine Power"

It is amazing how much literary talent our country has!! The op-ed pages of our National Newspaper "The Hindu" have always got a good response from the readers. Few days back,to be precise on 31st jan 2010,there was a article written by Seema kini a housewife which was thought provoking and made me realise the importance of the role of a Mother in present generation.
Here is the link of that article.

She signifies the role of a mother in the present generation where there is not much difference in the genders. Women are in every field and possibly can achieve as much as a man does,if not more!! She realised that she had to give time to her young son and hence she left the job and spent more time with her family.

The article has been getting a great response and the letters sent to the editor are also something to ponder on!!
In my view, it is not only what a Mother thinks but also what family does. In today's world it is not uncommon to see working mother's but still there are many orthodox families who do not encourage women to be a shareholder in family income.

Now coming to the point where a mother is working,then i am in a better position to express the views since my mother has been working ever since i had opened my eyes in this enormous world. I remember a lot of memories shared with my mother in my young age but the single memory which stands out is the "Idiot box". I have all my life watched the television and wasted most of the precious time of growing up. If my mother like the author of the above article had given up her job and had only one objective of raising me then i am sure i would have been a lot different than what i am now,Obviously in a good sense!!
I cannot blame my mother since she had her own reasons to continue doing her job.

For some families it is a necessity that a Women works and increases the family income but for most of the well to do families who have a choice,there comes this concept of the gender bias.
Such women feel that if they dont work they would be acting as second fiddle all their life!!
What I dont understand why is that women have to show to the world that they are equal to men??
Why do they have to show their superiority??
I feel women are great,they are the one's who give birth to us and should always be respected no matter what they do,be it home maker or a CEO of a company!!!
The problem lies in the social stigma associated with the respect shown towards women generally!! Our today's world does not respect the women for what they are. There are many reasons for it. Be it the way women are shown in the television serials and movies. They are either shown crying or super women who can do anything for a family!!
Why cant they show women in a normal way?? Is it difficult??

It should be realised that the growing up age of children is very important and it is important for the parents to impart moral and ethical values to children from a young age and help them nourish their dreams and help them achieve them,Mothers are better equipped to do that since they are more caring than Men!!
One more very interesting point raised by the author is that why is GDP always calculated on the basis of the economic returns of the country why not on family,health,love,memories!!
There is really a problem on how GDP is calculated in the world,only based on Money!!

Even Nicolas sarkozy the French president feels that GDP should be calculated in a different way,but obviously he does not share our views. Here is the link reporting that.

See I started the Post writing about women/mothers and at last i finish at GDP..See how women influence the GDP of a country!!


  1. I am really happy to see an article written on women by a man!
    The questions that you have raised in your article have been raised a myriad times before as well & still they remain unanswered....
    India, being a patriarchal society, women in majority of the cases are expected to leave their jobs & look after the family. Even if they are working, they are first expected to fulfill all their responsibilities as a daughter/mother/wife etc & then as a working woman! Why is marriage still considered to be a thing of utmost importance for the fairer sex? Why can't we chase our dreams, live our lives alone the way men do?!!!!

    Good post! :):)

  2. I din't know that you had commented on this post. Thanks a lot. Questions you ask are very important but it will take time to change the mindset of people but i am sure it will change.