Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Role of Idiot box"

Television in our country or for that matter across the world plays a very important role as a Medium for Entertainment,News etc. In our country the quality of the Television industry has gradually degraded over the decades. Just the other day i was reading a article which highlighted the great TV serials on Doordarshan when there was only one channel on the "Idiot box".
But now there are numerous channels and now we have a ministry to look after it!! (Information and broadcasting ministry).
But the point is whether TV is only for entertainment or can it be used for Educating people in various fields as well!! Media,especially electronic is so focussed on Breaking news philosophy that they have become news makers rather than news presenters!!
TV world has to understand the power of the medium and do more in bringing sense to the people rather than having 40 sec commercials on projects like Save tiger campaign.
Not that the commercials showcasing such projects are not required,but something more has to be done,we cant just have advertisements.

Media should have active debates on the the issues prevalent to the nation and lead the campaigns to bring along a change in the country. Sadly very few media houses play this role barring a few like NDTV and CNN-IBN.
One clear example which showcases the irresponsibility out industry is that, only foreign channels( Fox history,Discovery) showcase shows on the History,diversity of india but not even one show is showed by indian channels!! why do we need others to show,what we can do better after all we are the citizens of this country.( Not that others showing our country's history and diversity is bad!!)
There has to be new concepts which need to be implemented and one such is the new show which is being aired on Sony channel "Lift kara dey" which is a very new and wonderful concept. It brings together the stars,fans and the poor in a good way.
It is a Win-Win situation for everyone,fans get to meet their favorite star and whatever amount they earn in the competition is multiplied by a huge factor and the amount is given to poor by the stars. Such a noble concept!! But there is only one small problem which i have with the serial,
I know they try to make it more emotional since India runs with emotion and in that way the serial gets more TRP's. The kind of music or the atmosphere which they create when some poor people come into it is too much!! The fact that they are helping is great but why should they be shown in such a sorry state. We should not feel sorry for them,we should be happy that we are helping them!! Yes I agree they are in a very bad state but feeling more sorry for them will only make them realise their poorness. We should make them feel proud for what they are!!
Anyway thats a small change which is needed in the show,otherwise it is a excellent show!!
Kudos to the person who came up with the concept and of course karan johar as well.

What we call as Idiot box should be a medium which brings a positive change rather than a Negative change!!

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