Thursday, January 21, 2010


"If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change"-Buddha

It is said that Siddhartha Buddha used to say " You come to me,I will show you how to look"
Such was the simplicity and greatness of the enlightened soul.
Quotes by great people have some magical feel to them,Such wisdom can be seen in them.
It is like someone has collected all the wisdom and combined it into few words we know as "quotes".
Observing is such a rewarding experience,it can only be felt.This small Walk i had one morning was so wonderful that i could see many scenes which i would have normally missed.

Starting point: Home
Destination: Gym
Duration:44 minutes
It is said that Whatever happens,happens for good. So my Bike getting Punctured was a blessing in disguise for me to walk a long distance which i usually don't.
I started from home and tried to have no thoughts so that i could really enjoy my walk and feel the nature. But then i started observing around while i was walking and loved whatever i was watching.

1] There were elders sitting on the footsteps of shops talking and laughing,most of them had come for a walk.It was evident by seeing them that they were quite satisfied with their lives.
2] I could see children in school unifroms being escorted by parents to school,Some were happy that they were going and some had a grin on their face..School was the last place they wanted to go. There were some who dint have to face the dilemma because their schools were closed for whatsoever reasons.
3] This was the time when shops were being opened,Though they were different but all of them shared one common thing,All the shop owners were praying to their lords before starting the work..It was good to see people praying before starting their day.
4] Most of the youngsters whom i saw had headphones plugged to their ears listening to some enthralling music and walking.This is something which even i do but always having it on your ears is not good.Anything in excess is bad isn't it??
5] Suddenly I was walking away in a small lane away from the sounds of the vehicles and people.This was a open area and the Silence which i experienced was very good.It was the sounds of nature,Though i could not listen it for long but getting that kind of feel in a busy city like this is pure Bliss.
6] I hardly saw anyone smiling,Everyone had a grin on their face. It was such a beautiful morning and they wanted to start a day with a grin!! I am not saying you have to smile without any reason but when you have million reasons to smile why aren't you??

The above mentioned observations might not be actually the observation which buddha is talking about.But for learning anything there is a starting point,this was mine.
What did I learn by doing so. Whenever you look at any object look without any thought in mind,look it with innocense as if you nothing about the world.Once you start doing so you will see the magic. At least that is what Buddha says. It is difficult to do but not impossible,I have tried,dint experience a lot but whats the harm in trying???

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