Friday, June 25, 2010

Great news:Fuel prices go up.

( Disclaimer: This is not sarcasm,I am serious. :) )

For people who are lazy and smart enough to not watch news channels and read 'informative' (Read: masala!) Newspapers, this is the news which is rocking the parliament and the whole country. Fuel prices have gone up! ( Nothing new right?)
Petrol: Rs 3 and some change..
Diesel: Rs 2 and some change..
LPG Gas: Rs 35 and no change!
Kerosene: Don't know, You can read your paper for further details.

Opposition parties,state ruling parties and all other state level organisations are doing what is expected of them, Protesting Vehemently by Burning effigies and stuff ( There is huge potential in Effigies manufacturing business,demand never dies down!!)

But there are few people, who recognize that the move made by government is brilliant and planned keeping future in mind. After all they have a vision for our country.
Of that few people,i would love to call myself one but i cannot! I am still not well qualified!
But i have some thoughts on the issue which will sure get affirmative from brilliant people.

There are many benefits from fuel prices hike, some of them include:

Health Benefits
1] Now you can keep your two wheeler/four wheeler in your garage/parking lot and forget about it. Yes you can! We can walk more,and am sure you all people know the wonderful benefits of walking. You can walk short distances but for long distances comes the second point.

2] Public transport(PT): You can use Buses and trains to cover long distances,and you save money too! Now if you use PT, there will be less pollution as the number of vehicles on the road will decrease. Great news for people who wear the suffocating scarfs to avoid pollution!!

3] No tension of spending money on petrol and handling irritating Petrol pump guys! Less tension more peace of mind. You can even try out spirituality!!

4] This is the best benefit according to me, You can have a clear thinking process! Pretty simple explanation for that, Time spent on vehicle to reach destination will be lot lesser than spent on walking or using PT. Now you do not have to concentrate on driving too. So you can utilize your time in thinking. Because you have already got peace of mind you can think about the betterment of society!! Hence making our country a better place to live in.

Economic benefits

1] As already explained above you will shell out less money on PT and save a lot of money on petrol too. You also don't have to spend on service charge of your old vehicle.
And the biggest save would be giving the money too Traffic policeman!
Now i will give you the rough figures which i will save every month, I encourage you to calculate your savings too.

Petrol for my 2 wheeler-> Rs 500
Traffic policeman-> Rs 100/200/300 ( Varies according to the greed)
Service charges-> Rs 300 ( Considering that my vehicle needs servicing every 3 months)
Air for Tyres-> Rs 10

Total spending per month-> Rs 710 ( Service charge per month is added as Rs 100)

If i use PT for travelling then it would amount to Rs 300.( As per Hyderabad PT charges which by the way are expected to increase!)

Amount saved: Rs 410!!

"Money saved is money earned" Now if you are sensible then you will not spend this amount but save it for investing later. 1 year savings would be Rs 4920!

If you chose to save the money for three years it becomes a whopping Rs 14760!! You can invest this money on accumulating your assets. I am not good at financial matters,i am sure you will come up with great ideas to invest that money.

The money can be spent on buying essential commodities for home as well,Food inflation is expected to go up. Government had planned this too! Great vision!

You know the benefits now, i encourage you people too thank the Government for taking such a Amazing step for the betterment of the people of our great country. We should encourage them too come up with similar ideas to make our country the best in this world.

The calculations above are based upon a middle class perspective, you may ask what about poor people. Government are coming up with great ideas to solve all their problems.

Jai Hind*

* Conditions apply


  1. Here comes an optimist's point of view.
    Not bad at all! :):)
    Good, keep it up!

  2. nice one mate !!

    was smiling all along... but the best came in the end with "conditions apply" :)

    keep blogging !!

  3. @ Prerna: Thanks a lot,Optimism helps always.

    @ Shyamgovind: Thanks a lot mate.

  4. Beautiful way to portray the things in a completely different perspective.. Nice use of sarcasm.. Really a very good post Adi.. :)

  5. Opposition parties are using FUEL for burning the stuffs and protest on FULE hike...most funny na.. Burning fuel and protesting for the same.
    True, walk witout bike, u know i remember BMTC took nice step, by introducing BUS DAY, bang ppl actively took part in it, as u know with the far distances ppl cant walk, thats were mass transportation comes into play, As far as i know, bang is the best example in that sector, job well done by BMTC. Gone are days when we knew only 1thing, criticize the Govt, It was soo very IGNORANT right.

    Its really nice about money saving idea, greed can kill greed. Nice weapon.

    Guess what on environment day we planted many plants all over bang, AOL youth initiative. Nice na. U remember we both brought saplings when u where in GLB, was really nice. Hey start speaking to trees and plants, just try, its great experience, instead of talking to an ignorant complaning mind , try this. More in my next.
    Om namah shivaya. JGD