Thursday, June 24, 2010

7 things you don't know about me

This post has been due for some days now, I was tagged my shyam govind to write this post.
For those who are thinking what tag? There is this theme which is being followed, I write the post titled "7 things you don't know about me" and then tag to my friends who in turn tag to their friends thus continuing the chain.

You can check out shyam govind's post here

Seven facts you do not know about me:

1] I am fat,hence i am optimist! There is a connection between fatness and optimism,people who are fat are more optimistic in nature. The amount of time 'sensible' fat people spend on dreaming about becoming slim cannot be measured! Even if we do not follow any diet or do any physical exercise still we are hopeful that magically we will lose weight! As they say "hope is a good thing" no one knows that better than us.

2] I know first point was absurd. Coming to the second point,my friends say i am extremely silly and childish. I have to agree to that! Even though i am 22(err..23 confused about my age,will check out my date of birth certificate and update later) I have no 'maturity' and do not know what is my 'True calling'. I am still waiting for that enlightening moment where i get to know the purpose of my immature life.

3] Talking about Purpose, i read it in a book that "Purpose is a combination of want's and don't wants" Taking cue from the statement let me try to think what my purpose is.
I want to become rich,I don't want to be materialistic.
I want to be a altruist,I don't want to remain as a 'social worker' all my life.
I want to change my country,I don't want to pay tax though!
I want to bring some sense to this post,I don't know how to do that!

So my third point is i am a thoroughly confused guy.

4] I am extremely emotional,I cry when i see a typical bollywood flick for wasting my hard earned( Borrowed from parents) money. Seriously speaking,i am emotional, cannot live without friends and parents.

5] I like to hog the limelight. In doing so i have embarrassed myself many times in past,but i never learn from my mistakes hence i keep on committing same mistakes again and again.
I am that guy in a group who tries to be a leader but does not know even one quality of a leader.

6] I like people who smile when there is no reason to! I hate people who are always serious. I have a stupid sense of humor,i am sure you would have known that after reading this post.
I crack jokes and laugh on them! Obviously no one else does! I love it when people laugh at me for my fatness. It gives me the satisfaction of making people laugh which i don't get after cracking my 'excellent jokes'

7] I am a combination of good and bad,i try to be good but am not consistent. I am spiritually inclined and believe there shouldn't be any divide on the basis of religion. I believe in the philosophy of Karma, I also like seeing a child in everyone. As the great philosopher "Joker" of "dark knight" religion says

"Why so serious?"

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  1. Good one!
    The honesty that you have put in while writing the post is showing up! :):)
    Now wait for my 7 pointers! :D:P

  2. Good honest observations..liked it !!

    nice to know about you.... :)

  3. Thanks prerna.Will be waiting for your 7 points :)

  4. Thanks shyam! I should thank you for tagging me,it was fun writing this post :):) Its wonderful to have some online friends through the blog.

  5. very intresting post sire
    and about the first point
    we know you are fat:P through you Pic of course :D
    and you bring out humor within a serious content thats really great :)

    Great post

  6. @ Soulblogger: Thanks a lot. I know the first point was absurd hence i mentioned the same in second point :D