Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mission reading-1

For me reading books is a mission, i have promised myself that i am going to read loads and loads of books, Something which i should have done earlier. Its never too late, is it?

This is the post about the two books i read recently,
I am not reviewing them since i don't think i am capable of doing justice to the job of reviewing. I shall try to write down my thoughts on them and what i got to learn from them.
I started reading Non-Fiction books recently and must say they are truly more rewarding than fiction. Though there are exceptions!

1] Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert kiyosaki

I was advised to read this book so that i get to know some basics stuff of finance, I come from a technical background(at least i think i do!) hence have no idea of financial concepts.When i saw the book in the crossword store i was skeptical should it. But then i thought lets take the risk and see what this book with a unusual title is all about. I am happy that i purchased the book since it has taught me very valuable lessons on how to deal with finances.

It is not a investment strategy book like some people call it,it is a book which teaches you, how to manage your finances and become rich. Yes it also tells you different ways to invest but that is not the main goal of the book. It gives some good insights on why people never become rich and why they keep on falling into debts. I understood some concepts which i would like to mention briefly,

-> People think that in order to become rich they need to work harder at their job but they do not realize that the more they earn the more they spend! Rich people spend smartly and middle class people dont.

-> The difference between asset and liability is defined in a simple and easy to understand manner. People generally consider their liabilities as their assets and never spend enough time to accumulate the real assets.

-> The biggest mistake what education is doing is, it is not teaching 'financial literacy' which is of utmost importance. If anyone wants to learn how to become rich he is said to be greedy but we are digging our own grave by falling prey to debt in the forms of loans.

-> In order to come out of rat race you need to be smart and have financial literacy. The book in no way tells you to avoid work infact it tells you to concentrate more on work but also handle your finances intelligently.

The author has explained in a beautiful manner of a story and not one minute will you get bored.
Everyone should read this book especially one's who have no knowledge of finance. Go ahead and get your copy and get all the gyan!

2] Tipping point by Malcolm Gladwell

In my city Hyderabad there is a market for second hand books which is put up every sunday. For people like me who cannot spend more money this place is a gold mine! You get all the famous books and also a few duplicate stuff. I try not to buy pirated stuff but at times have no other option. I have promised myself that once i start earning i will get the books from real book stores. Most of the times i buy second hand books and Tipping point was one such book.

I bought this book after checking out the cover and reading the brief intro about it. I was not sure whether i would like it or not considering how old the book was(both years and the condition of the book!) After reading it i again gained lot of gyaan!

This book answers some interesting questions,

1] Why certain ideas or behaviors get a spark and become a epidemic whereas others don't?
2] Can we deliberately start social epidemics in a positive sense?

The book explains this by using various examples and experiments performed by social scientists and psychologists.It is a very interesting way of explaining and the author makes sure that you get the point. He basically gives three concepts

-> Law of few:Connectors,Mavens
-> Stickiness factor
-> The power of context

Each and every point has been explained in a detailed manner.
You also get to know why fight against smoking is failing, because we are focusing in the wrong direction. Its a interesting way to look at the smoking problem.

Throughout the book the author says how little factors are responsible for major change and how little effort put in the right direction can get you amazing results. These factors are responsible for the ideas to reach their tipping point.

It is a must read book according to me. You should not miss out such a great book.

"In nonfiction, you have that limitation, that constraint, of telling the truth"


  1. That was a nice post.
    The good points were so nicely summarized up!
    I have read the first one.
    Shall get the second one as soon as possible.
    Good job! :):)

  2. You said that you won't review the books but you have done an excellent job doing exactly that. :D

    Had read Rich Dad, Poor Dad an year back. Will re-read it again later this year. Currently reading The Tipping Point. :)

    Keep it up, Adi.

  3. @ Prerna: Thanks a lot! Do take your copy of tipping point,you will surely love it. :)

    @ Satwinder: The problem with my inability to review is, I don't see anything bad in books or in movies for that matter. So unless i know how to criticize i cannot review can i?
    Thanks for appreciating :)

  4. NO blogging for so long sir...

    chod diya kya.?? Please don't stop. :)

    Take care.

    Good day,